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plowing fields, readying for planting

Produce We Grow

 Learn more about the different crops we grow during the season!

You can harvest your own at our you-pick vegetable events!



We grow 20 acres of asparagus. This is our first crop each season.

We harvest on average 40,000 pounds a season with most going to local grocery stores.

sugar snap peas growing

Sugar Snap Peas

We do 4 successive plantings of sugar snap peas each season for a total of around 3 acres. That is around 315,000 plants! Our season runs from June 20th through the end of July. Peas prefer the cooler weather and they are quite labor intensive to harvest. In 2023, we harvested just shy of 10,000 pounds of sugar snap peas.


Green Beans

In 2023, we decided to succession plant green beans throughout the entire growing season. This meant a nice and steady supply for our customers all season. We start to harvest in the last week of June and go through the first week of harvest. Our green beans are all hand picked. We grow around 11 acres of green beans each season, yielding around 42,000 pounds

canning cucumbers

Pickling Cucumbers

Pickled cucumbers are a new endeavor for us in 2024! We are primarily growing them for our you- pick events. You can get the perfect sized pickles for for your pickling needs! We have around 4,300 plants this season.

sweet corn

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is our most prominent crop. All of our corn is PICKED BY HAND!

We grow around 160 acres in about 9 successive plantings. Our season usually runs from around the 10th of July to mid September. In 2023, we harvested just shy of 2 million ears! 



We planted cauliflower for the first time in 2023. It was a great success at our you- pick vegetable events, with any extra sent to Foley school for the Farm to School program we participate in. This season we will have traditional white as well as purple and cheddar varieties!



We first started growing broccoli in 2021 and have had tremendous success. We plant a spring and fall crop of, we harvest twice throughout the season. Broccoli generally does not like the heat so spring and fall are best growing conditions. We will have around 60,000 plants this season which should yield us around 45,000 pounds!



We have a large variety of squash! Varieties we grow include: Acorn, Buttercup, Butternut, Spaghetti, Delicata, Dumpling, Carnival, Turks Turban, Ambercup, Hubbard and new for this year, white Acorn and Jumbo Pink Banana. So many different varieties for you to try! We produce around 110 tons of squash each season!



Pumpkins are by far our favorite to grow! We have small pumpkins weighing just ounces all the way up to giant pumpkins weighing nearly 200 pounds! along with every shape, size and color in between! Be sure to check out Harvest fun days to see and enjoy them all! We also bring in bees each year to help with pollination!

fresh cut flower farm


Pick your own flower farm with under an acre of rows of blooms. 

More info about our flower farm here

Merchandise, photo ops

field corn

Field Corn

We harvest and sell the field corn we used to make our corn maze after every season.

This corn is used to produce mainly animal feed and ethanol.

More about our maze here.


Soy Beans

We grow bout 140 acres of soybeans. We primarily do this for crop rotation with our pumpkin and sweet corn acres to help with disease and weed control. Soybeans are used for animal feed, fuel and food.

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