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The day has come, your local pick your own flower farm is opening! Please, join us for our "soft" opening of Harvest Floral!

We will have a variety of flowers awaiting you...

Cosmos, Dianthus, Ammobium, Strawflower, Gomphrena, Statice, Ageratum, Snapdragon, Celosia, and MORE.
Possible Craspedia, Zinnia, Salvia, and Stock also available.

Rows of a variety of blooms waiting to be picked for any occasion. Brighten your day or a loved ones!

What you need to know:

Before you arrive:

  • Please wear appropriate footwear. No bare feet, there may be bees. The paths are grass but may be a little uneven in areas.

  • Please leave your pets at home, the flowers would appreciate it.

  • We have pruners available for use. If you have your own you prefer, that is okay.

  • No children unattended. If children use pruners, please keep an extra watch, they are very sharp.

  • Only cut blooms that are ready, and you will be adding to your vase. Do not cut any dead blooms, please leave them.

  • The flower patch is in direct sun. Wear hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.


When you arrive:

  • Do not park at the house/driveway. Park in designated area, near the flower shed.

  • Come to the shed, let us know if you are just taking pictures or if you will be cutting flowers.

  • If just taking pictures, we charge $3 per group/family.

  • If you are picking flowers, we will send you over to our table of vases, clippers and water spigot.

  • Choose vase size and fill with water (this is important, do not forget to add water)

  • Grab clippers, your vase and head out to the rows of flowers.

  • Please read how to properly cut EACH individual flower, they are each different.

  • Once your vase is filled with your blooms, return clippers to basket and head to the flower shed to pay.


How to properly cut flowers:

  • Find your desired “bloom”, read the placard on each variety before cutting.

  • Cut one stem at a time. 9-12inch stems are ideal for vases and creating bouquets.

  • Remove leaves from the lower 2/3 of the stem and immediately place in your vase with water.


What is on site:

  • Endless variety of flowers, rows of fragrant blooms ready for picking.

  • Picnic tables under an apple tree, great for taking in the scents and sights.

  • Garden shed store with flower related merchandise, flower preserve, cards for your bouquets for all occasions, jams/jellies, local honey, fresh Stoney Brook Farms produce (seasonal). Products sold will continue to increase as the season progresses.

  • An X-Large swing for unique, memorable pictures.


When you arrive home:

  • Rinse your vase or start with a clean vase of your choice.

  • Add flower preserve packet (read directions on amount) to vase with fresh water.

  • Trim the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle.

  • Always be sure there are no leaves touching the water, this can cause bacteria and will harm your flowers.

  • Change the water every 2-3 days with an added bit of flower preserve packet for long lasting blooms.

  • Avoid keeping your bouquets in direct sunlight.

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Pricing for flower picking:

Depending on the number of flowers blooming each time we are open, the vase/s we offer will reflect that. If blooms are ready but there isn’t a high amount, we will limit the number of stems sold that day, per person. You can not bring your own vase or pick without purchasing a vase,

Each vase is included in price and is yours to keep:

  • X-small glass bud vase $TBD

  • Small 16oz mason jar $TBD

  • Medium white iron flower vase (size) *TBD

  • Large white iron flower vase (size) *TBD

*not all sizes available each pick event*will depend on # of blooms*

If not interested in buying flowers but still want to stroll among the blooms, take in the fragrance, snap pictures in the field/ photo ops, we do charge $5 per group/family.

*Cash and cards accepted. A 2.6% processing fee add to all charges

*No ATM on site

We went a little safe on the size of our flower farm for year one, which might have been lesson one in our learning curves. We underestimated the size of the area and the amount of flowers.
The amount of flowers blooming at a time (might) not be enough for dreamy, full bouquets each time we are open.

Unfortunately, we will have to limit the number of stems per person during our "soft" opening.

We are offering one vase size (for the time being) to add your floral stems to.
Keep in mind that this will be a limited number of stems per person.

We apologize for this.

We wanted to get a soft opening despite the fact that not all flowers are blooming or all in full bloom.
We hope to share the beauty of the flowers we have ready now with you!

We will also have minimal items in our store at this time. We will be adding more flower related gifts and crafts as the season goes on. Please check back.

We have recently made some adjustments and a few additions for our flower farm this season to offer more to you and make our first year a great one!
Please be patient with us as we stumble some of these first year hurdles.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and we can't wait to see you out on Wednesday!


989 115th Ave NE, Foley

Please do not park at house.

Park by flower shed.

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