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A little about kohlrabi...

The first mention of kohlrabi is dated back to 16th century Europe. In 1554, European botanist Mattioli, noted its first arrival in Italy. Popularity grew, spreading kohlrabi to North Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Mediterranean.

In 1734, Ireland began growing kohlrabi on a large scale.

In 1806, kohlrabi was documented for the first time in the United States, growing more common in the 1880s. It is unclear how it arrived to the states.

England began growing kohlrabi on a large scale in 1837.

The popularity of kohlrabi has been increasing as more grocery stores and farmers markets are stocking this superfood! 


Kohlrabi, sometimes known as a German turnip, is part of the cabbage family. It is a cruciferous vegetable.

The name "kohlrabi" comes from the German word "kohl," meaning cabbage, and "rabi," meaning turnip.

Kohlrabi has the nickname "Sputnik," due to its resemblance to the early Russian space satellite.

Kohlrabi comes in many colors, including white, purple/red, and pale to vibrant green.

The leaves are edible.

When picked in summer, kohlrabi is said to have a hint of spiciness to it because of the heat, similar to radishes. Summer kohlrabi should be eaten fresh, while fall kohlrabi is best for freezing/long term storage. In fall, kohlrabi is said to be more flavorful.

China and India are the top kohlrabi producers in the world with China producing nearly half for the world.​

Germany is the top producer for Europe.

Kohlrabi is most popular in Germany, Eastern Europe, and India.

The world record for the heaviest kohlrabi is 96lb 15oz, grown in Alaska in 2006!

Health Benefits

Kohlrabi contains no cholesterol, is fat free, and is low in sodium and calories. 

Great source of fiber, phosphorus, protein, and potassium.

Rich in vitamin B6, C, and K.

An antioxidant, inflammation reducer, anti-cancer properties, help regulate blood sugar levels.

Helps promote normal gut health, promotes eye health, immune system boosting, produces collagen, supports nerve and muscle function.

Add some kohlrabi in your life!

Recipes, freezing & more

A few delicious and easy recipes featuring kohlrabi; one of our pick your own vegetables! 


How to Store


Kohlrabi Stir-Fry with Sweet Peas




Lemon and Garlic Sauteed Kohlrabi


How to Cook

Creamy Kohlrabi Soup with Potatoes


Air Fryer Kohlrabi Fries


Mashed Kohlrabi with Roasted Garlic

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