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A little about cucumbers..

Pickling cucumbers were first documented in the Tigris Valley of India in 2030BC.

The Industrial Revolution made the pickling cucumber to become an international staple in many aspects.

Pickling provided families in colder climates the ability to store with adding flavor to their diet.

Pickling also provided European explorers the opportunity for food during long voyages, which helped prevent scurvy.

Pickling cucumbers have been used for numerous applications since ancient times for beauty, strength in battles, medicinal uses, and preserving crops.

Cucumbers were one of the first domesticated vegetables, being cultivated on purpose.

Seeds native to the Himalayas were dated back to 9750BCE in Myanmar. 

Cucumber seeds were brought over to America by Christopher Columbus.


Pickling cucumbers are part of the Cucurbitaceae  (gourd or flowering plant) family.  

Cucumbers are considered a fruit with the flavor coming from the seed.

Gherkin is another name for pickle.

The world "pickle" comes from the Dutch word, pekel, which means to salt or brine.

Michigan is known as "Pickleverse", growing well over 35,000 acres of pickling cucumbers. They are the top producer of pickling cucumbers in the US.

Florida is the top producer in the US for fresh use cucumbers.

Germans are said to eat the most pickles out of all countries and are one of the top producers in the world. Turkey, India, and the US are also leading pickle producers. 

Americans consume on average around three pounds of pickles a year.

Worldwide, roughly 57 million tons of cucumbers are produced each year, with China being the top cucumber producer with nearly 41 million tons.

There are many varieties of pickling cucumbers available on the market with Kirby being a popular one.

Ancient Romans were so crazy about cucumbers they created greenhouses to be able to grow year-round. Cucumbers were used to treat scorpion stings, bad eyesight, and infertility.

"Cool as a Cucumber" came from 17th century physicians. They would prescribe patients with fever to lie down on a bed with cucumbers on them, believed to be a treatment that would cool the blood.

World record for largest cucumber ever grown was 3ft 8.64inches long set in 2022 in the UK!

World record for the heaviest cucumber is 29lb 8.2oz set in 2023 in the UK!

World record for the fastest time to slice a cucumber is slicing a 12in cucumber into 264 slices in just 13.4 seconds, set in the UK in 1983!

World record for slicing the most cucumber slices in 30 seconds, is 166, while blindfolded, set in 2023!

Health Benefits

Cucumbers are low in calories and contain NO fat.

Cucumbers are 95% water and excellent for hydration.

Rich in vitamin K, C, fiber, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants.

Help with creating a healthy immune system, increase collagen production, great for skin hydration and elasticity, prevents aging, aids in digestion.

Great help for managing a healthy weight, healthy bones, heart health, proper blood clotting, helps regulate blood pressure and maintain proper muscle function.

Pickles are also low in calories, but they are quite high in sodium. 

Pickles ferment, creating healthy bacteria; prebiotics, allowing for a healthy gut, improved digestion and absorption, reduce inflammation.

Pickles can help lower blood sugar levels.

Pickle juice is a great source of electrolytes as it contains sugar, sodium and other minerals needed for a hydration boost, also a great cure for hangovers.

Eat your vegetables!

Recipes, freezing & more

A few delicious and easy recipes featuring pickling cucumbers; one of our pick your own vegetables! 

Remove the blossom on the end of each cucumber before pickling; these contain enzymes that can over soften your pickles.


Non- pickled Ideas


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